Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Top 5 Most Beautiful Lakes in Slovenia

Picturesque country under the Alps

Slovenia has despite its small size extremely varied landscape which includes the coastal area, its terrain consists largely of karstic ridges and plateaus, Alpine peaks, valleys and basins. The highest Alpine peak in Slovenia is Triglav. Slovenia is a great tourist destination. You can ski in the morning and surrender yourself to the luxury of the Adriatic Sea in the afternoon. Slovenia has many lakes which are especially popular in hot summer time.

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is the most famous lake in Slovenia. It is wonderful all year around and therefore attracts many visitors from Slovenia and abroad. Around the lake and its surroundings are marked walking and cycling paths. Part of the shore on the north side, under the Bled Castle, and on the west side is arranged for swimming. In the Lake Bled is about 20 different fish species and for sport fishing are most interesting catfish, lake trout and pike. On the lake is the famous island, which is accessible by boat, electric boat or by Pletna boat.

Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj is located in the municipality of Bohinj. It is the largest permanent natural lake in Slovenia, which is 4100 meters long, 1200 meters wide and 45 meters deep. In the summer time is on the surface heated to 22 degrees Celsius. The main permanent surface flow is Savica, resulting in a picturesque waterfall Savica in the far upper end of the valley. Waters in the lake are renewed three times a year. In the lake live five species of fishes. The clear and clean lake is attractive for swimming and boating. Due to the weaker wind is suitable for less experienced sailors and surfers.

Plansar Lake

Plansar Lake is a small lake located in the Municipality of Jezersko. It has a beautiful shape of a heart. By the lake is the restaurant Gostisce ob jezeru, where they have delicious local food. Around the lake goes a nice walking path. Plansar Lake is the most known tourist point in the village and their symbol. In the winter time we can go ski running or skating. In the summer time we can go hiking, cycling, boating or climbing in the small artificial wall.

Lake Crnava

Lake Crnava is located in Preddvor near Kranj. It is a popular place for local people and others. There is a hotel with a small terrace from where we can enjoy in wonderful views to the mountains and to the lake. Around the lake goes a nice walking path. In the summer time we can borrow a boat and in the winter time we can slide. Lake Crnava is a starting point for hiking trips to Saint Jakob, Kalisce, Storzic and other hills.

Smartinsko Lake

Smartinsko Lake is located near the town Celje. It is a popular and an attractive place for local people and tourists. The lake belongs to the largest artificial lakes in Slovenia. Its fundamental task is to hold back the torrential waters. The Smartinsko Lake and its surroundings become sporting, recreation and tourist place over the years. There are available different possibilities for recreation and relaxation. We can walk around the lake, ride a bicycle, drive with a boat, fish and do many other activities.


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