Thursday, June 17, 2010


Borovnica is a village, which is situated on the margin of the Ljubljana swamp. It is a starting point for wonderful trips to the Pekel gorge and to Rakitna. In past times the village was known by viaduct and railway line Dunaj - Trieste, which was the largest viaduct built of stone in Europe and technical achievement of the 19th century. Today reminds of it only the 21. column, which is situated in the middle of the village. In the year 1992 was proclaimed for the technical monument. In Borovnica are the largest plantations of the American bilberries in Slovenia. In other half of the July they organize The day of bilberries. In Borovnica is also the less famous Jelen or Dolina bridge, which was built in the year 1857. It belongs to the oldest Slovenian bridges with double track line. It is 29 metres high and 219 metres long. In the village was born Marja Borsnik, literary historian.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Koper is interesting city in the Slovenian coast. It has two official languages, which are Slovenian and Italian language. It was developed in the rocky island, which the Romans called it the Insula Capraria (goat's island). Koper had the powerful economical and cultural blossoming in the years from the 1279 to 1797, when it was under the government of the Venetian republic. Under Kingdom of Italy the city completely lost the island appearance. The town's architecture preserved the medieval appearance. Near the city developed the international cargo harbour Luka Koper. The old town centre has many cultural and historical remarkablenesses. Between them are Carpaccio square with Taverna, Saint Justine's column and fountain, fountain Da Ponte, the Muda Gate, Praetorian Palace, cathedral and defence tower, square Brolo with the park, Fontico with the heraldic decoration, Palace Tarsia, Palace Almerigogna, Palace De Belli, the Rotunda of the Assumption and other. The Muda Gate, former town's gate, were long centuries the only entrance to the city by land. They are in the renaissance style. The Praetorian Palace, town's house in the times of the Venetian Republic, is the most precious architecture memorial of the city Koper.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Krsko is a town, which is situated in the eastern part of Slovenia. The city developed on both banks of the Sava river. The new part of the city is located in Videm. Krsko is very well known by the nuclear power station. It is the only one in Slovenia and works from the year 1981. Krsko has a varied historical past, which is visible in every step, if you walk through the town's streets. You can look at the Church of the St. John Evangelist, Valvasor's Monument and house, Valvasor's Library, Church of the Holy Spirit, Capuchin monastery, Hocevar's Mausoleum, fire station tower near the City park, monument of Matija Gubec, Culture House Krsko and other. I was impressed especially by the wonderful City park and the City hotel with its interesting exterior. The hotel is situated on the Matija Gubec Square.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Smarna gora Hill

Smarna gora Hill is a popular hiking point for many visitors in every time of the year. It is situated in Tacen by Ljubljana. Top of the Smarna gora Hill has two peaks, which are Smarna gora Hill and Grmada. On the peak is a wonderful view to surroundings, especially Ljubljana, the main city of Slovenia. When it is the sunny weather, you can see Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia. The most known to me is the way from Tacen, where will expect you the free parking place. From here to the peak is about 30 to 40 minutes of walking. Towards to the end is the slope more steep. Here is the St. Antony's bell. Your wish will fulfil if you pull the bell, but just once. On Smarna gora Hill is the interesting late Gothic church in which are also organized weddings. Around the church are walls with defensive towers. Beside the church is the restaurant Ledinek, where they have delicious Slovenian food. The most known are the tea and salty pretzel, but I adore coffee. If you wish, you can use comfortable chairs for resting. Children can play at the playground.