Thursday, June 17, 2010


Borovnica is a village, which is situated on the margin of the Ljubljana swamp. It is a starting point for wonderful trips to the Pekel gorge and to Rakitna. In past times the village was known by viaduct and railway line Dunaj - Trieste, which was the largest viaduct built of stone in Europe and technical achievement of the 19th century. Today reminds of it only the 21. column, which is situated in the middle of the village. In the year 1992 was proclaimed for the technical monument. In Borovnica are the largest plantations of the American bilberries in Slovenia. In other half of the July they organize The day of bilberries. In Borovnica is also the less famous Jelen or Dolina bridge, which was built in the year 1857. It belongs to the oldest Slovenian bridges with double track line. It is 29 metres high and 219 metres long. In the village was born Marja Borsnik, literary historian.

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