Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Krvavec is a very well known wintersport centre, which is visited by many admirers of skiing and other sport activities. It is a mountain, which is situated in Kamnik-Savinja Alps. In ski resort they have artificial snow. In winter time you can spend the night in the interesting Eskimo village. In additional offer are also ski school, competitory line Zeton, polygon for safe driving, polygon for begginers, infant's ribbon and merry go round. In Krvavec is the transmitter for radio and television Slovenia. In summer time Krvavec is a starting point for many mountain trips.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Smartinsko Lake

Smartinsko Lake is very popular and attractive place for local people and tourists. It is located near town Celje. The lake was made in the year 1970, when the barrier Loce was built in the brook Koprivnica. Its fundamental task is to hold back the torrential waters. Smartinsko Lake belongs to the largest artificial lakes in Slovenia. The bank of the lake measures about 10 kilometres and it is very agitated. There are available many possibilities for relaxation and recreation. You can walk around lake, go to drive with the boat, fish, run or do other activities. You can go to drink or eat by the barrier, called Lake queen or in Loce by the boathouse Muzelj. Visitors can also drive with the ship and enjoy in romantic views to the lake.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Dravograd is a small town in northern part of Slovenia. It is close to Austria. The main river is a beautiful river Drava, which divides the city in two banks. Dravograd is well known by its Hydroelectric power station. The city has varied historical past. In the old town centre you can see the St. Vitus Church, which is one of the oldest in Slovenia. Also is interesting the church of St. John Evangelist. The city has two business centres. Near the city lies Lake Dravograd which is very popular in the summer time. You can enjoy enjoy in the sun, go to romantic walk or drink a coffee or beer in the restaurant.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sne┼żnik Castle

Sneznik Castle is a romantic and wonderful castle building in Notranjska region. It is located under the mountain Sneznik near the place Kozarisce. The castle is built on a rock at the source of the Brezno Spring and the Obrh. Below the castle is the spring dammed into a large pond. In sources the Sneznik Castle was first mentioned in the year 1462. In the castle is preserved all the original fittings, mostly from the 19th century. Among the living quarters are the most interesting the room with Egyptian furniture, the dinning room and a larger hall arranged into a wedding hall. Round the castle are foothpaths and benches where you can enjoy in nature and views. Sneznik Castle is a marvellous place for an unforgettable wedding.