Thursday, June 3, 2010


Krsko is a town, which is situated in the eastern part of Slovenia. The city developed on both banks of the Sava river. The new part of the city is located in Videm. Krsko is very well known by the nuclear power station. It is the only one in Slovenia and works from the year 1981. Krsko has a varied historical past, which is visible in every step, if you walk through the town's streets. You can look at the Church of the St. John Evangelist, Valvasor's Monument and house, Valvasor's Library, Church of the Holy Spirit, Capuchin monastery, Hocevar's Mausoleum, fire station tower near the City park, monument of Matija Gubec, Culture House Krsko and other. I was impressed especially by the wonderful City park and the City hotel with its interesting exterior. The hotel is situated on the Matija Gubec Square.

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