Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ljubljana Castle

The Ljubljana Castle is an imposing medieval fortress, which represents a symbol of Ljubljana. It is located on the edge of the castle hill, just above the picturesque medieval Ljubljana. The castle can be reached by car, by foot from the old town centre or with a cable railway.

The castle has envolved from a fortified tower with a defensive wall before the first mention of Ljubljana. On the castle hill was confirmed a presense of man since the time of the Late Bronze Age. In the Ljubljana castle can be seen many interesting historical remarkableness, such us the lookout tower, a Chapel of Saint George, a permanent exhibition of Slovenian history, Frederick's Tower and a Frederic's room, pentagonal tower and many other. The Castle Cafe offers guests fruit salads, coctails, cakes and beverages.

The spacious courtyard is in the summer time intended to the various events, one of which is the most visited the viewing of movies under the stars. The Ljubljana Castle is a very attractive tourist destination that is visited throughout the year from local and foreign tourists.

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