Monday, August 8, 2011

Goriska brda

Goriska brda is a landscape, which is located in the western part of Slovenia. It is the most famous by wine and fruit growing, but it is also hiding many cultural attractions.
The region was already settled in Roman times. Typical medieval culture is seen in the dense Mediterranean villages with stone houses on the ridges of hills. In Goriska brda are the main attractions the lookout tower Gonjace, Smartno, Kojsko, Medana, Castle Dobrovo, Krcnik, Vipolze and much more.
In Goriska brda we have to visit the largest Slovenian wine cellar, which is situated in the village Dobrovo. The Wine Cellar Goriska Brda offer tours and tastings of delicious wines from Brda.
Through Goriska brda is going the cycling and interesting wine rout. They organize many social events, such as the cherry hike. Goriska brda is a beautiful country, which I love to visit it very much. If offers a pleasant and enjoyable stay.

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