Monday, February 21, 2011


Idrija is the oldest mining town in Slovenia. It lies in the basin in the middle of Idrija Hills. Idrija is the municipal centre and unites the important cultural, administrative, educational, tourist and other public functions. The early beginnings are connected with the discovery of mercury, but growth, development and extent of the city were connected with the growth of the underground mine. In Idrija we can visit many cultural, natural, architectural and engineering attractions. The most important are Castle Gewerkenegg with museum, Kamst, Klavze, the walking path by Rake, Antony's shaft, Miner's House, the oldest town Church of the Holy Trinity, Lance School Idrija, Regional park Zgornja Idrija with the lake called Divje jezero. The lake belongs among the famous natural attractions of the Slovenian heritage. Idrija is also famous for delicious food, called idrijski zlikrofi.

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