Monday, May 31, 2010

Murska Sobota

Murska Sobota is the largest city in Pomurje Region. It lies in the northern part of Slovenia, not far from the border with Avstrija and Mad┼żarska. Murska Sobota is the administrative, economical, cultural, educational and medical centre of Pomurje Region. It has varied historical past, which can be the best seen with the visit of the museum. This is situated in the wonderful renaissance Murska Sobota Castle, which stands in the place of the former manor Belmura from the 13th century. By the castle is the City Park, where you can relax and enjoy in peace. In the park are planted beech trees, oaks, ash trees and lime trees. In the city you can also see the Evangelical Church, Church of Saint Nicolas, Victory Square and other interesting things. Varied food offer is available in the restaurant and tavern called Zvezda. In Murska Sobota are through all the year organized cultural, entertaining, culinary, traditional and sport events. The surroundings of the city offers numerous possibilities for trips in Pomurje.

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