Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wonderful Bled

Bled is a very special place for me. I just can not imagine that I could not go there just ones a month. It is about thirthy minutes from my home. I love everything in this place. The Bled Castle, Bled Island, wonderful views from the Cafe Belvedere, swimming in Mala Zaka and Velika Zaka, going to the Osojnica and Ojstrica Hill, enjoying in coffee from drink dispenser in Camping Bled and many other things. The most important detail is that in this place I can relax and I feel free. It is like coming home and going to the couch and just do nothing.


  1. I was there. It's very nice!

  2. Its my favourite place too! Sadly, I can't get there once a month! We stay at Camping Bled and I just love watching the sunrise when there is no one about. Its magical!